Oxygen Cylinders to the Rescue

It was about two years ago when the world was hit by a deadly virus called Covid-19. Not a single country in the world was prepared for the disaster that was around the corner. The virus hit most parts of the world and took several lives. Everyone was locked in their house for a long period and there seemed to be no end to it. The virus was considered lethal and soon research was being carried out to establish a solid foundation to introduce the treatment plan for the virus. The virus mainly attacked the respiratory system and lowered the breathing capability to a great extent.

As many people were being affected by the virus, the hospitals were at full capacity and no other hospitals were admitting the patients. The already admitted patients were critical and needed oxygen as life support for which purpose, oxygen cylinders were in high demand. Soon after there was a shortage of oxygen cylinders in the market. Similarly, Pakistan faced a lot of turmoil during the initial days of Covid when there was an extreme shortage of Oxygen cylinders. However, many of the local oxygen suppliers were giving portable oxygen cylinders for critical patients to lower the burden.

With the increase in patient burden and demand, after a lot of upheavals, Pakistan’s healthcare maintained a steady pace and strategies. Those were put forward to overcome the burden and provide the best of facilities to all the patients admitted throughout the country. In such conditions, many suppliers were providing oxygen cylinders for homes in Lahore. For those who could not get space in the hospitals and were being treated at home. They were being sold as well as oxygen cylinders on rent were available as well to conform to the purpose for the required period. In hospitals, there was again an extreme shortage for which different manufacturers were providing medical oxygen cylinders.

It is important to understand that there are different gas cylinders available for different treatment procedures. To identify the gas being used in the cylinder, we look at the neck of the cylinder which is color coded. Oxygen cylinders have a white colored neck indicating oxygen gas. Oxygen cylinders are the main element in life support. It is an essential part of any medical procedure. Oxygen gas is colorless and odourless to avoid contamination of the cylinder. The other thing to remember is that the gas is available in liquid and compressed forms, both have a unique purpose.

Oxygen suppliers played an essential role during covid and helped a lot of hospitals. As well as individuals who were in search of oxygen cylinders during the shortage interval. The city of Lahore opened its doors for all the deprived hospitals and individuals around the country during the Covid days. Suppliers also provided oxygen cylinders for sale in Lahore. Hence, Lahore became prominent in contributing towards the betterment of patients. Oxygen cylinders are still very much in demand as the virus has not fully been eliminated from the country. It still goes short in the markets.

Many manufacturers have taken advantage of it as well but when all the Covid essentials were being sold at higher prices. Suppliers in Lahore were there to offer oxygen cylinders at low prices to help people in pain. Therefore, the efforts of the city of Lahore should be applauded as it has reestablished our faith in humanity. Pakistan is one of the fortunate countries where the Covid wave was not as disastrous as it was in the other countries. We have been very lucky so far that the frontline heroes have managed even the worst cases successfully.

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